Monday, January 7, 2008


Have you read my January 1st blog posting yet? If not, be sure to read it, then refer back to this January 7th posting, when you're done. Have you started mapping out your goals for 2008 and putting plans in place to help you achieve them? If not, don't beat yourself up. Don't spend time or energy lamenting the fact that you've not done it yet or that you've done it, but haven't done anything beyond that. Instead, take action and do it now. Don't react. Just act. When formulating and writing down your goals, don't forget this helpful acronym: SMART


Instead of a vague idea, create a SPECIFIC goal, which is MEASURABLE (how else can you track your progress?), likely ATTAINABLE, very RELEVANT and TIME BASED (give yourself timelines and a deadline).

And what about accountability? What kind of person are you? Do you respond well to situations, such as this goal setting, in which your accountability is tracked by someone other than yourself? You could relate it to having a personal trainer, to help you reach your fitness goals. A lot of people put extra effort into their workout sessions, because they don't want to disappoint or "get in trouble" with their personal trainer. Though this approach may seem overly simplistic, it is not. Most of us are more accountable when others are counting on us. We follow through better than when we don't have to answer to anyone but ourselves. So, does it make sense to turn your support system up a notch, by finding a friend, colleague, online buddy or a coach who will hold you accountable?

Lastly, I will talk about VISUALIZATION. This is another key in achieving your dreams and most people never really do it. As I stated on January 1st, BELIEF is crucial. You must believe you can have what you want. A step beyond that is visualizing the realization of your dream. What will your life look like once you've attained this goal? How will you feel? What kind of clothes are you wearing? Where are you living? What kind of people are around you? To someone who has never done this before, it may sound silly. You may ask "What different does it make what clothes I am wearing?". What I am getting at is this; what will your life really look like? What things have been improved by you reaching your goal? Visualizing this, really seeing the possibilities that lay ahead of you, will motivate you to achieve what you want and will imprint on you the belief that you can and you will have it. And once you achieve that goal, all other goals, dreams and desires will also appear to become even more achievable to you. If you can't visualize it, you can't achieve it. So, it behooves you to believe and to visualize; really see it happening. You will begin living the life that you truly want.

When I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, as part of our graduation weekend, we had to spend one afternoon acting as if it was 5 years in the future. We had to talk as if we had already done this and that. It was a fun exercise, but beyond that, it was an important task. See, by talking as if it had already happened, we gain confidence, we believe it's possible, we have the fuel to make it happen. At the Jack Canfield lecture I attended in July, he advocates the same exercise; spend an evening talking and acting "as if". He even suggests inviting friends over and having an "as if" party. If you don't believe it works, try it. I invite you to really give it a try. Maybe one of your goals for first quarter 2008 will be to have an "as if" party and you and your friends can discuss what you've done in the past 5 years (2008 - 2012), after all, at your party, it will be 2013. I can just hear the conversations now.....

"Back in 2008, when I ran my first Boston Marathon..."

"Well, in 2009, my book was published. When it reached the top of the New York Times Bestseller List in 2010, well..."

"In 2010, when I adopted my son, he was so tiny! I can't believe he's already 3!"

"When I opened my business in 2011..."

"Since I've been promoted to CEO..."

"I've been a homeowner for a few years now...."

"That vacation to the Grand Canyon was amazing..."

Let the conversations begin!

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Anonymous said...

The post from January 1 really connected with me. Today's served a reminder I'm leaning in the right direction on many fronts. Keep up the good work! Cheers