Sunday, August 3, 2008

WATERMELON: What a Melon!

Yum! The watermelon this summer has been delicious and I've been recommending it as a healthy alternative to my clients and especially to those who have strong or frequent sugar cravings. Instead of grabbing that cookie or candy bar, consider this luscious melon! Quite frankly, it takes like candy, but a much healthier and fulfilling version! And it is also one of the more affordable fruits this season.

Here are some interesting facts about watermelon:

* They are native to Africa and date back to 2000 BC in Egypt

* Because of their high water content, they were used as a source of liquid in areas where water was limited or tainted

* They are in-season May through September

* Best to buy firm and slightly underripe

* Whole melons will typically have better taste than pre-cut melons

According to Paul Pitchford's book, "Healing with Whole Foods", watermelon is a cooling food which can reduce heat in the body. So, if you're feeling hot due to the summer's rising temperatures, watermelon is an excellent choice. Also, other forms of heat in the body would include anyone who is suffering from an inflammatory condition, such as arthritis or nephritis and the like. Watermelon is also great for the kidneys and the lungs, so anyone who has a temporary or chronic kidney or lung condition would benefit greatly from consuming watermelon, as it helps to tonify and balance. Watermelon can also be used to treat edema, urinary tract difficulties, canker sores, depression. And though most of us don't consume the seeds or rinds, they too, have benefits, which include dilating the capillaries (which lowers blood pressure), easing constipation and helps with diabetes. If you're looking for potassium, watermelon has as much as a banana. Potassium is micronutrient, necessary to human function, which helps maintain electrolyte balance in the body. Other nutrients that the watermelon provides are magnesium and Vitamins A, C and B6.

Now go enjoy some sweet, tasty watermelon. The season comes to a close in a mere 8 weeks!

I enjoy mine cut up in squares or chuncks and eaten with a fork. As you can see by my "before" and "after" photos. Eat yours however you like; just be sure to eat it and savor the sweet flavor!


fatfighter said...

Thanks for sharing those interesting facts about watermelon - I did not know the season lasted until September. Good to know there's still time to enjoy, because I haven't had enough watermelon yet this year!

Caroline said...

Love that watermelon. I did a Master Cleanse in June and drank watermelon juice as part of breaking the cleanse. Just threw a couple of chunks into the blender and had a sweet watermelon smoothy in about 15 seconds!