Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm a Little Neti Pot .....

I'm a little neti pot, short and stout

Here is my handle, here is my spout

When you are all stuffed up, put me in your snout

Tip me over and pour me out!

I've been really sick for over a week and I think I am finally starting to improve this morning! One of my homeopathic remedies includes the ancient neti pot; a centuries-old ayurvedic nasal irrigation tool for health. The pot is filled with warm water and salt. The spout is inserted in one nostril, with your head at an angle. The goal is to have the saline come out of the other nostril, thus moving the mucus out of your sinus cavity. This can be tough to master at first; worst case scenario, the water may come down your throat vs. your opposite nostril. This is okay, if you spit the mucus out, instead of swallowing it. This will still expel it from your body, until you finally do it the correct way.

My mother's remedy for sore throats was to always gargle with warm water and salt. As kids, we hated to do it, but it did work. So, much like the way the saline solution works on clearing the throat, it does the same for clearing the nose. No prescription required! And no side effects!

Consider adding a neti pot to your medicine cabinet; it might be tricky to master at first, but you will reap the benefits immediately!

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fatfighter said...

Interesting. And for me, I can guarantee it would take a lot of tries to master! But I just might...