Monday, October 8, 2007

Another Way to Meet Your Meat

Anyone who's attended one of my workshops or met with me for an individual consultation, knows how I feel about food labels and food ingredients. If you cannot pronounce an ingredient or cannot identify what it is (and especially if the food has multiple chemical ingredients that you've never heard of) why would you feel comfortable eating it? Eating food is a very intimate experience; every time you eat, you are choosing to put something into your body, which ideally, should nourish you. But so often, these food choices that include processed ingredients and refined sugar and flour do not provide nutrients; they actually create a deficiency in the body. This makes your body have to work harder to digest the food and in the end, instead of receiving nutrients like vitamins or minerals, your body has actually lost stored values of these nutrients because the refined sugar and flour has no goodness associated with it (no fiber, no minerals, no vitamins at all). So instead of providing any benefit, these actually deplete the body of good things, including energy.

And what about meat? Well, meat contains other added ingredients besides just the animal flesh itself. Sometimes you will find this listed on the label and other times you will not. And a good example of this is processed meat, like sausages and packaged deli meat. For an interesting and eye-opening look at what exactly you're consuming when choosing these kinds of meat products, I encourage to check out this informative photo show, by clicking:
Mystery Meat Macrophotography

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