Sunday, October 28, 2007

Positive People Day

Who knew that tomorrow was Positive People Day? Nancy Purbeck of Boston founded this idea 10 years ago and every year on October 29th, she and her band of volunteers spread the word, starting at dawn, at the very busy South Station train terminal in Downtown Boston, where an average of 60,000+ commuters pass through each morning.

Ms. Purbeck describes, "It's a springboard for everyone in the city of Boston and beyond to spread kindness, to swap it for negativity. Without kindness, there is violence." Her goal? "Well, it's not always about changing attitudes. It's just the simple act of doing something positive. I'd like to say we're really hoping people make a commitment to kindness, but not everyone's on top of their daily stress. I know that. This is not a club for people who know how to feel cheerful. It's advocacy for people to reach out to others who need a little bit of help." And what about their mascot? You'll never guess who it is! CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE

Meanwhile, please commit to participating in "Positive People Day" on October 29th and spread the word! Now what about their mascot?


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