Friday, April 11, 2008


Most people know my affinity for DailyOM, which has been delivered to my email in box on a daily basis for a few years now. I find it very insightful and very inspirational and look forward to receiving it every day. DailyOM actually just published their first book and it arrived in bookstores on Tuesday. Courtesy of my very generous and thoughtful sister, I will be receiving a complimentary copy!

If you are interested in checking out DailyOM, a link to their site has been on the right side of my blog since its inception last July (and will remain there). I will also put a link to their site in this blog posting, as well as a link to their new book. I am confident that you will find DailyOM to be a great resource, whether you choose to visit their website or sign up for their daily email. I encourage you to take a look!

CLICK HERE for DailyOM's website
CLICK on book icon below to review and purchase the book

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