Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

Such an exciting week... the women's Olympic running trials were held in Boston yesterday, today was the 112th running of the Boston Marathon (where both women and men's winners finished in less time than last year), which always coincides with Patriot's Day and tomorrow is Earth Day as well as the Pennsylvania primary.

Watching the Boston Marathon is always so inspiring and today was no exception. Seeing the runners, literally from all over the world and all walks of life and seeing the crowd just cheering them on, made me feel a sense of pride and connectedness. The energy was great and people were just happy; there was an obvious sense of community and spirit. Anything is possible, when people come together to benefit the greater good. That's why the timing of Earth Day is so appropriate, in conjunction with the marathon and the positive vibrations it spreads. We have the power to stop global warming. We need to work together, make better and more informed choices that are thoughtful and beneficial to each other, future generations and our planet. We need to consume less and tread more lightly on the Earth. It is exciting that "going green" has "gone mainstream". We've already started making some positive changes, but we've got a long way to go. Need some ideas? Want some information? Visit Earth Justice's website HERE and check out an issue of E The Environmental Magazine by CLICKING HERE and queue up your DVD selections on Netflix. There are many great documentaries out there, including The 11th Hour and An Inconvenient Truth.

One of the leading causes of global warming, that is oft overlooked in mainstream environmental media, is animal agriculture. That is, animals raised for food. Therefore, consuming less animal products (meat, dairy and eggs) is one way to lessen the negative effects it has on our environment. Do you know that raising animals for food impacts global warming more than all modes of the transportation industry combined? Yup! Airplanes, trains and automobiles. COMBINED. So, believe it or not, converting to a vegetarian (or vegan!) diet actually does more good than giving up your car! This has been studied, researched and reported many times and by many different sources. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization reported this worldwide in 2006. A simple Google search will confirm this statistic.

There are many different ways we can contribute toward the betterment and preservation of Planet Earth. I encourage everyone (myself included) to continue to try!


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