Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Less Than a Week to Go!

Wow, time flies! This year I began fundraising for the annual AIDS Walk Boston back on March 9th and now almost 10 weeks later, the walk is less than a week away. Despite my best efforts, this year has been very tough in soliciting donations. People who've supported me several times in the past, are unable to contribute this year. Alas, the economic situation right now is making it difficult for people to give, I am well aware. During these types of downturns in the economy, charities are also hit hard, because people are just unable to make any more commitments with their money and giving to charity may seem like one more burden they cannot shoulder. This year's tax rebates were meant to stimulate the economy, hoping people would spend the money on various purchases. Most people I know are spending their check on pre-existing bills and mundane expenses (including me!). My budget is stretched to the limit and I know many other people who empathize.

But did you know that donating money to charity also stimulates the economy? And the feeling you get from doing it lasts a lot longer than the fleeting excitement brought about by any "indulgence" purchase. And oftentimes, people don't give because they feel the problem is overwhelming and how can they possibly make a difference? Well, let me tell you.... every little bit helps... every penny counts. Even if you can only contribute $5 or $10 it will mean a lot to someone in need. It makes a big difference!

The AIDS Action Committee has done tremendous work for those living with and affected by AIDS and HIV. They couldn't do their work without the kindness of volunteers and donations made by generous folks like you. For more information about what AAC has accomplished, please visit their website at http://www.aac.org/ To contribute to AIDS Walk Boston by sponsoring me, please CLICK HERE for my online fundraising page. The AIDS Walk is a mere 5 days away; taking place on Sunday morning, June 1st. This is my fifth year participating and I would appreciate donations of any size; they are gratefully accepted and appreciated. Can you help me get closer to my fundraising goal of $1,500?

For those interested, I am offering FREE PRIZES for your donations of $50 or more, including free health counseling for 3 months and a free workshop presented to your office, community group or church. Call or email me for all the details!

Thank you for your consideration!

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