Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The People Have Spoken

We did it! We Barack'd the vote!

And in my state of Massachusetts we passed Question 3 which will end the cruel practice of greyhound racing.

And in California, Prop 2 was passed, which will improve living conditions for the millions of animals raised in food production.

I am so happy, I wish I could celebrate with one of these cupcakes tonight!

America, get ready for the revolution!


Missicat said...

I am ready!!!

Kathleen said...

Me too, MissiCat! Only 75 days until The Big Inauguration! :-)

madness rivera said...

Congrats on Prop 3!

And thank god about Prop 2. I told my girls that with all our hard work along with the hard work of a ton of others, we helped ease the suffering of 20 million animals. That's crazy, right? But thank god. Finally a step in the right direction.