Friday, July 20, 2007

As Nature Intended

Yesterday I went to an organic blueberry farm in Epping, NH to pick some berries. Pick-your-own organic blueberries for $1.95 per pound. What a deal! Their season just began last week, so most of the berries are definitely ripe for the picking. To be able to pluck a berry off it's branch and pop it in your mouth, is truly the way nature intended. Nothing beats fresh fruit or vegetables, right off the vine and straight to your mouth (or to your kitchen first!). These days, most produce is picked, then shipped many, many miles, before they reach us. This negatively impacts the environment and the quality of your food.

To eat fruits and vegetables only when they're in season, is to experience the food at it's best. With modern technology, we are used to having all sorts of fruits and vegetables available to us all year long. But the quality suffers. Try to eat your produce when it is in season and you will enjoy a more intense flavor and quality.
The berries that I picked at Inkwell Farm yesterday were such a healthy powder blue hue and super sweet and tasty. It was amazing to see oil from my fingerprint leave it's mark on the powdery blue fruit. It was very nice to be "in touch" with my food like that..... as nature intended.

For fresh fruits, vegetable, flowers, herbs and more, find a local Farmer's Market! It's a great way to support local farmers (who practice sustainable agriculture) and to get all sorts of goodies that were grown on a small scale and that were recently picked (usually within 24 hours). There are several in Boston, including Copley Square, Government Center and Somerville's Union Square, to name a few. To look up a comprehensive list of Farmer's Markets in your area, go to http://http//

Recommended reading about seasonal eating include Jane Goodall's "Harvest for Hope: A Guide to Mindful Eating", Elson Haas' s "Staying Healthy with the Season" and John Douillard's "The 3-Season Diet". A great little reference book is Aliza Green's "Field Guide to Produce" which provides photos, descriptions, when and how to purchase, how to store and how to prepare over 100 fruits and over 100 vegetables.

Happy Summer Eating!

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