Monday, July 9, 2007

Hot Stuff

During a hot summer day in New England, I think the last thing most people would want to do would be to spend time in a sauna, steam room or whirlpool. But guess what? My gym has all three of those things and I take advantage of them - yes, even in the summer.

You know how we're all looking for some "me time", some solitude, some peace and quiet to ourselves in a world that is constantly going, going, going? Well, what better place to lose yourself than in the steam room?

Today I spent approximately 8 minutes in the steam room. Well, by the time I got out, I felt like I just had a power nap! It was 8 minutes of being with just me, myself and I. It was 8 minutes to breathe, close my eyes and think (or not think!) and just be in the moment. A little oasis in the midst of an otherwise busy day.

Steam is great for your skin and a great way to clear nasal passages as well. It's not an oppressive or exhausting type of heat; it is actually relaxing, then invigorating! Next time you're at the gym, consider stopping by the steam room or whirlpool after your workout and simply exhale and enjoy the peace before resuming the rest of your day. It is likely you will be able to clear your head and tackle the rest of your day with a more calm perspective.

If you don't have access to a steam room, try this exercise: sit or stand, with one hand on your heart and one hand on your abdomen. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. If you find that you are taking shallow, short breaths, slow down and take deeper breaths and focus on it. Inside your head, repeat "No where to go. No where to be." Just take a few moments to be with yourself.


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