Thursday, July 19, 2007

Smart Bells

No, I am not talking about intelligent ringing devices! I am talking about my new favorite class at the gym. Have you heard of Smart Bells? They are curved weight discs that you use in multiple ways (behind the head for abdominal work, on the foot for leg exercises and in the hands for upper body strength training). The class I took incorporates a fast-paced cardio workout using the Smart Bell for strength training during the entire class. Available in a few different weights, I used the 6-pound Smart Bell. Now 6 pounds may not seem like a lot; let me assure you, the class kicked my butt and I cannot wait to go again. It is definitely going to remain a part of my gym routine; I know it will yield great results. After all, Smart Bells have been used by Navy SEALS and Olympic Athletes, as well as in physical therapy. Curious? For more info, check out:

See if your gym offers a class! If not, ask if they will consider adding it to the roster. Some gyms may have the Smart Bell disc for gym use, but just may not offer a class that uses it. So learn how to use it on your own!

Come on, mix up that gym routine!

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